Online Casino Games like Kitty Parties

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There are numerous games that a host can offer to the guests while arranging for a kitty party. Rupee Casinos is the place where one can get ideas for various games that are simple yet exciting.

Offline Game

The host has to take ten playing cards from 1 to 10. Then, she has to put some one rupee coins in a bowl made of glass. A dice is also needed to play the game. Now, the host spreads the cards on a surface facing upwards. The player is then asked to roll the dice. The number that comes up is the number of coins that the player has to fill a card with. She cannot move to the next card until the card is filled with that number of coins.

Online Games

Bodog India: Bodog India offers some exciting table games. The games include 3 card poker, Andar Bahar, Crackerjack and 3 hand blackjack. A user can win INR 2,000 by inviting friends.

Betway: If a player has a knack for betting for her favorite games of sports then the person can check Betway. Betway offers betting for basketball, football, cricket and many other games. Even if a person does not like sports he or she can check the table games and got interested. A bonus of € 10 is also being offered to get started.

Jeetwin: Jeetwin offers baccarat, roulette, blackjack etc. The ladies invited at kitty party can try their luck with these games. The referral bonus is INR 10,000 and the free credit is INR 1,000.

Royal Panda: One of the biggest online casinos in India include Royal Panda. Live Baccarat offered by Royal Panda is the best fun and exciting experience one can have. The TV streaming experience and the professional yet friendly dealers would make anyone feel that she is in Las Vegas.

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